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Twisted Fabric

My Blog

I believe in the power of thoughts so my writings are all about what comes to my mind, anytime & anywhere. Here’s a tiny place in the cosmos where I share my joy, angst or any other expression that find solace in floating from thoughts to words.

TWISTED FABRIC is all about thoughts floating on the waves of sands and time, taking shape in the form of words and being… cathartic.

The Life in Pictures

My Picture Blog

THE LIFE IN PICTURES is a collection of daily life moments or landscapes randomly clicked as and when the time stands still. The philosopher called life shows us the path but it’s up to us to stumble or to walk gracefully ahead

Poetic Musings

My Poems

Poems are the mirror to my soul, an affirmation that I am alive and feeling both the chaos and silence around me. Read more about those poetic musings here

Books & Beyond

My Books

Every writer wants to be read. Visit books to know more

To start with, my first book is unique ten author collaboration of a romantic thriller titled Altitudinis – Seekers, Sinners & Secrets available on Amazon


My Articles

Whether it’s funny relationships or emotional upheavals, these articles will strike a chord within you. Do read about them here

Interviews & Talk Shows

My Spoken Thoughts

It’s interesting to share views with youngsters, peers and also experts in their field. Read more about such verbal/nonverbal interactions here

About Me

As a child, I often fantasized about fairy tales and wanted to write my own. As a grown up woman though, I’ve often felt the restraints of time cut sharply on my day-dreaming thoughts. A mom of two curiously, super active boys, I believe in hands-on practical fun mixed with the studies; even if in all that fun, my food very often gets burnt …. looking beyond constipated!

So while the food gets sorted and the homework gets done, I often feel a soft nudge from a grey cell in my mind, to find a quiet corner for my laptop or sometimes the camera of my iPhone and me. And focus. My thoughts and scenario take shape as words or pictures and I hope that through my blogs, articles and poems, they touch your soul and ignite a spark as you might just visualize the stories hidden within.

Happy Viewings !

~ Shagun

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